Balefi (Brahmayani) River

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Project area of Brahmayani HEP

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Brahmayani Hydro (P) Ltd.

Ekikrit Byapar Company Pvt. Ltd. (EBC) identified the Brahmayani Hydropower Project on 2017. It obtained survey license on June 2018 to generate 40 MW electricity. Later, in order to keep the environment unaffected, we decided to release 50% water to downstream and thus the project capacity reduced to 36.52 MW. However, while signing the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority, we considered so contingency and signed PPA for 35.47 MW.

Currently, the ownership of Brahmayani Hydropower Project is holding by ‘Ekikrit Byapar Company Pvt. Ltd.’. We are planning to change the ownership of project to ‘Brahmayani Hydropower Company Pvt. Ltd’.

Integrated Hydro Fund Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Likewise, Upper Brahmayani Hydropower Project also identified in a same time the Brahmayani Hydropower Project was identified. The survey license was obtained on June 2018 to generate 20 MW electricity. After  50% downstream release, the capacity reduced to 15.15 MW.

Projects TimeLine

	Brahmayani Hydroelectric Project

Feasibility Study : Completed Access Road : Under Construction PPA : Completed

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